Digital Nomad Companies Advertising Package.

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ADVERTISING – Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Advertising Package

€750.00 – Sponsorship Package /

PAYMENT : Due at Project Initiation /  Excl. Vat ( EU )

This is an “Exceptional” Advertising & Creative Promotional use of Live Streaming in this Package

 Advertising listing from now to 30th June 2018

  • • Nomad Signage/banner opportunities (stage, railings, etc.)  Ask us ?
    • Nomad logo on our website
    • Nomad Category exclusivity
    • Nomad Promotional Tent , meetup event for digital nomad companies.
    • Advertisement in our social media program – 5 minute video.
    • Nomad Companies list Status level on digital event PDF brochure
    • Nomad logo as listed on our event page as seen advertisements
    • Nomad logo at ticket windows
    • Nomad Company Mentions in podcast and or radio advertising
    • Nomad section Priority seating tickets.
    • Nomad Use of Nomad and general hospitality tents
    • Nomad Main stage presentations, enlisted as optional speaker program.
    • Nomad hall logo listed and Entrance “Perspex Wall of FAME” & Main hall Nomad Banner.
    • Nomad Opportunity to bring a popup banner 1m(w) x 2m(H) for increased visibility
    • Nomad press releases with mention in event press kits
    • Nomad priority bus seats to venue
    • Nomad Invitations to press preview party & Nomad after Party
    • Nomad Opportunity to distribute pre-approved sample product and or digital product it.
  •  YES ! Your Company receives Complimentary Tickets, Entry for Advertising Company Personnel. Your company members and or chosen   representative personnel receive 2 ( Two ) x complimentary made out to the Company name and named personnel ,   supplied at the event upon entry and commencement dates 4th-7th June 2018. Extra Event Sponsoring Exhibitor company  attendees are required to kindly purchase tickets, and you will be billed at a more favourable rate, given a  discount of (-25%) twenty five percent of the Coliving Summit event normal Nomad ticket price, presently listed as a €100.00, so you would only pay €75.00 for these extras tickets over and above the 2 complimentary tickets, cool ! yes we know 😉 . THis Summit is all about the Digital Nomad CoLiving Lifestyle.


Digital LIVE Broadcasting/Streaming of you Brand Logo in video loop during the event ?

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ADVERTISING – Packages for Nomads, explained.

What We Do in Social Media. AS you list we offer this Social Media Engagement.

List your logo to our social media channels

  • Create a 5 Minute Promotional video of your Company, promo logo, video clip insert.

  • We upload this video onto our Youtube Channel and link to our website.

  • The post or video will contain your logo and the promo video, pr welcome.

  • We produce the entire promotional video with you endorsed & supplied content.

  • We will setup and interview with you as well.

  • WE upload that interview to Our CoLiving PodCast in Soundcloud  ( Follow us )

Social Media Platforms of engagement


  • You will be known as a participating company and grow with this annual conference.

  • Your brand awareness will increase your ROI.

  • We are all about engaging content for the audience

  • This is key to growing your public relations, and new audience demographics.

 Our Social Media Brand Commitment

  1. Reinforcing your brand identity and key social media messages.

  2. Positioning your brand organization as an industry leader.

  3. Marketing progressive companies like yours, by seen in your introduction video”

  4. Interacting with customers, prospects and other company constituents.

  5. Setup a referral link to your website and or order email account for

  6. Email order enquiry tracking of potential sales leads, new enquiries.

  7. Setting up a forwarding email from our website, if in your company name ( extra fee )

  8. Data capturing the analytics of site visit, heat map click of your brand and your video and or through a dedicated email enquiry. Crunch the data with your team and improve.

  9. Custom email address will be encrypted and forwarded directly to your primary email address, that you communicate and or take orders on presently,

  10. This deep analytical heat mapping will grow your email lists, increase your companies brand culture awareness.



  1.  Venue entry Sticker Placement  Event Entry ADVERTISING BY your Company

  2. We Setup a decal sticker of your logo as a placeholder in the entrance on “The Temporary Event Advertising Wall of FAME”

  3. We are going to set a focused brand driven event, so your brand logo gets seen often and by everyone upon entry as the cue and walk past your logo into the event. Your logo is placed among other logs se out as a cubed sticker with your company logo & QR # code to link back to your website or just a Link on the logo sticker with your contact details on it .

  4. We will also video loop by projection onto a wall, your logo onto the Digital Nomad Events walls and with your logo being seen daily by thousands as they walk past it in the entrance hall high foot count traffic areas.
  5. You are welcome to make a speech, lasting 15 Minutes inside the VIP room about your company brand.








COST = €500.00 Excl. Vat ( EU )



  • The events streams we offer

1) The entire main hall event

2) Exhibitor halls event

3) Digital Nomad Hall event

4) Digital Nomad Room, talks with Nomad CEO to CEO as they are streamed, selectively , nomad vip to vip board rooms across the world directly into licensee board rooms, viewing streams of their main company event.

5) Inside outside the event , social events

We Live/Stream Broadcast your logo from events

COST = €500.00 Excl. Vat ( EU ) Per Event Per Day.





Broadcasting your logo into our Live streaming Events

€500.00 Per Day ( Excl. Vat ( EU )

PER DAY or Entire Event

Live streaming of your logo

Directly into Exclusive Global Streaming Venues.



  • LIST 1
  • LIST 2
  • LIST 3


  • LIST 1
  • LIST 2
  • LIST 3


  • LIST 1
  • LIST 2
  • LIST 3


  • COST of Broadcasting your logo PER DAY = 1500.00 Excl. Vat ( EU )


Summary of ADvertising Packages

  1. € 750.00 for Digital Nomad package , which includes logo print sticker “Hall of FAME ” 



  1. € 500.00 Per Day COST of Broadcasting your logo into our Live streaming events, inserted into our HD ( WE are looking to use the professional new vimeo broadcast cameras out Event Cameras, that broadcast streams to exclusive venues worldwide and as shown into user mobile or desktop devices

  2. € 1,500.00 4 Day live streaming ( one complimentary FREE day included  ) 

  3. Tailored Broadcasting Advertising packages available, yes live interview packages available.

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