Marcus Mommsen

CEO Founder ColivingSummit

Marcus Mommsen

CEO Founder ColivingSummit
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20 years as an ICT Business Development Consultant. ColivingSummit is born out of the necessity of living affordable and the foundation of my company

This is going to be my life’s legacy project as I steer the summit into extraordinary principals, Croatian property acquisitions, community building within Zadar and Croatia around NomadicROOMS. Inspiring the younger generation of young Croatian / Europeans and global digital nomads.

The important need to supply a foundation for opportunity to have a fixed coliving home to work from while building your  new media and technology founder communities and ideas. Building conscious NomadicROOMS, Digital Nomad basecamps, technology campuses for the modern era of nomadic life, in these lovely Croatian villages and across Europe and beyond.. Employing, Supporting and inspiring the local community we venture into.

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Welcoming and introduction

04 Jun 2018
15:00 - 15:30
Main Hall